Friday, March 26, 2010



"As soon as we learn the true relationship in which we stand toward God (namely, God is our Father, and we are his children), then at once prayer becomes natural and instinctive on our part (Matt. 7: 7-11).

Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other. The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them. Blessings require some work or effort on our part before we can obtain them. Prayer is a form of work, and is an appointed means for obtaining the highest of all blessings.

Many prayers remain unanswered because they are not in Christ’s name at all; they in no way represent his mind, but spring out of the selfishness of man’s heart."

~Bible Dictionary, prayer

I love this section of the BD. It helps me to think about prayer in such a simple and real way. I have to be honest though I am struggling with this idea that prayer secures blessings but that we have to work to align our will with our Father in Heaven's. And maybe it is not that I do not understand or struggle with it but simply that I might not like the answer or the outcome.

I do have a relationship with my Father in Heaven. I always thought a good one. But when it comes to the situation that we are in right now I am nervous and scared that the answer might be that this baby will not stay with us. And I am not sure how we will live with that. I trust him as my Father that he would only give us good things-this baby included. But is it my selfish heart that wants this baby or is it the will of the Lord that we keep him?

We choose now to have faith in whatever the outcome might be. And live day to day enjoying the blessing and gift this baby is in our lives.


Jodie said...

I love you all so much. And we are praying for you as well. It is very difficult to have faith that things will work out the way they should. And yes, sometimes the answers are not what we hope for. But one thing I know for are STRONG! And no matter what happens, you will make it through. That little boy is so incredibly blessed to have you as his parents, for however long that may be. I pray that it is forever!!

Eric and Jessi said...

I don't even know what to say, you are amazing!!

Daisy said...

Beautiful post Lisa. It is not selfish to desire to have this baby. It is only natural and you both are wonderful parents. I know (for me anyway) it is difficult at times to have such a broad perspective that we can fully understand the Lord's will. Take it a day at a time. When the time comes that the decision is made whether he will stay or go, the Lord will send his angels to bear you up (whether it be that he stays or goes, either way you will need that strength). I know that you will be blessed Lisa and that whatever the Lord has in store for you, you will seek to understand it. I pray that this baby might be a blessing in your life forever. You are beautiful Lisa.

Jared-n-Krystal said...

Thank you for sharing your honest feelings. I have always admired your strength and faith. You both are in our daily prayers. We love you!