Wednesday, March 3, 2010

chubba, chubba

8 lbs 10 oz in two weeks!!

He is quickly growing out of his newborn outfits which is great since he will be 2 months next week!

This kid is just growing like crazy and we are loving it.

Visits with mom have gotten easier as she has gotten to know us and we have them scheduled and into our routine. Capo is sleeping through the night. Thank goodness. I love my sleep. And we just die every day that he smiles, giggles, holds his head up better and is starting to roll to one side.
I bought chris a little baby ball with bright colors and they are loving it!

In all the years of planning to start our family neither one of us dreamed that it would be this way with this little guy. No complaints though. I would have it no other way. Chris is a great daddy and works so hard for baby and I.
how cute are they together! He loves his daddy.


Amy Bartlett said...

He is just so precious Lis! Congrats and we are so happy for you guys!

Eric and Jessi said...

How did he get so big! What are you feeding him? jk. He looks great!

Anonymous said...

That last picture makes me laugh. Good job on the eating and feeding, guys!

Becky said...

We are so pleased you are all doing so well! love you so, can't wait to squeeze that little body!