Monday, March 8, 2010



Friday night we asked a friend to watch capo so we could attend the temple for another friend's endowment. It was so nice to get out together but this was something we had never really thought about before. What do you tell a babysitter, what kinds of things do you need to leave for them. We did not even know what to really tell her. Capo is such an easy baby and it was just a few hours. We knew they would be fine.
We got home later than we had told her because we stopped to help someone with her dead battery at 10:00pm and than ran into Walmart for some cough syrup. When we got home and said thank you etc. it was midnight. We went to change the little guy one more time and saw that some how she had squeezed him into a newborn outfit that his grandma had sent him. He fit into it when he first came but a 1 lb and half later. AH! It is the tiniest little thing and so cute. But how in the world did she get that one on him!
I guess we should have left some PJ's out. note to self next time.
It got even better when at the 4:00am feeding and diaper change -he had a big one and I had to change everything!! I could not for the lift of me get it off! Love it. (you can see how short the sleeves are on his arms)....i laughed so hard.

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Outpost Wilderness Adventure said...

Good for you two! James and I still have not gone out without Tobin. But found a friend that will watch him this Saturday that watched him for me tonight.(2nd time apart)Yikes he is 8.5 months. Your little man is just so darn cute! I can't wait to meet him.