Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Day!

Christmas Morning!
Chris & I were so excited! but baby K had to have breakfast before anything else.


The truck was something we looked for and had to agree upon. Chris finally won because well he had a Tonka truck when he was little and every little boy should have a good truck to play with. And actually the baby loves it. I wanted a different little riding toy!



the best part of Christmas for us was watching the baby's reaction to everything and his excitement. We really thought he would be indifferent but he enjoyed opening things and playing with new toys. As well as the tree!

one of his very favorites is this soft Woody doll from Toy Story! In fact a few days later we saw the end of TS on TV and let him watch it for a few minutes you would not believe how excited he was to see his toy and could not figure it all out. Really cute.

papa sent him a hammer....so cute! we had so much fun opening gifts from family and friends. Thank you!




our other big gift was this wooden play box and a piano that stands up.


thanks miss erica for the alligator! i love this stuffed animal...he loves to give him kisses.

Santa brought some classic lap books

about 2 hours into gifts and playing with toys the baby crawled into my lap and was out! After a long nap, we took him to see his birth mom. Which was short and went just fine. The county was closed so we did not have to take him but we decided it was the right thing to do on Christmas. And I hope she was grateful?

Chris got me some really fun accessories for our camera!


that night our good friends had us over for a fabulous dinner! This is the only fuzzy picture that any of us took. We are so grateful for them and their family for really and truly taking us in! The baby had never really been this close to dogs before. I was not sure how he would do but he loved them and chased after them. They were really well behaved and played well with each other.

We are so grateful for a wonderful Christmas this year! Simply because we were able to have baby K with us and not have to worry about him. We missed family and wished we could have been together but this was such a simple family Christmas. And that was exactly what we needed.


Amy Bartlett said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas!! Love ya! Whose dog in the last one?

melissa said...

I'm so glad you got to have a Christmas at home with just your own little family!! I look forward to that some day... (Maybe next year when we have 2 little ones and don't want to travel with a baby?) Baby K is so cute. We got Rushton that same dump truck riding toy last Christmas and he still loves it. He also loves that little hammer - whenever one of his little friends comes over to our house, that's the first thing he looks for! Love you guys!

D.B. said...

thanks Lisa for the posts and the card, we wouldn't know much about your goings on if we only had Chris's blog to follow :)

Aspen said...

Lisa - I hope you don't mind I found your blog! Your family is so cute! Looks like it was a fun Christmas!