Monday, March 21, 2011

14 months

Chris and I laugh so hard with this little guy. What a silly but sweet personality. I love how much he learns each day. I work in the child development field so I check in with milestones often. and every time I think he might be low in an area within the week he is doing something to change the outcome. We thought because of his early days and well the pregnancy that he might have some delays but he is doing so well.

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He is imitating things like talking on the phone and will have a complete babble conversation with any toy or object. too cute.

He is doing more and more baby signs which has been really funny because he does them on purpose not on cue and then he laughs because he knows he is smart.

He still loves books and will sit in our lap and enjoy a number of books at one sitting.


(a friend gave us this little reebox outfit)

He took his first steps this month. Which is so funny because he has always been so active we thought he would be an early walker but he has been very, very cautious when it comes to going on his own.

He loves to point at body parts. His favorites this month are not only head (he definitely has that one down) but eyes, noise, ears and mouth. Probably because he loves head, shoulders, knees and toes and we have to sing it 50 times a day. Or he will just continue to pat his head.

He gives the best hugs and kisses, wakes us happy and giggling, and will go into any one's arms and give them a body hug. He waves goodbye and still blows the occasional kiss.

He loves animals; dogs and kittens and music; piano, drums, shakers, anything really that will make a noise.

He started squealing more and more. and yelling GAK, GAK...he has always been a silly babbler but it is out of control sometimes. And the inflection in his voice is so funny.

He loves games like peek-a-boo or try and catch me and especially wrestling with dada. I wish we could get a good video of this because it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Chris will lay down on his back and instantly the baby will crawl madly over and crawl all over him. Rolling, laughing and even sitting on his face. We laugh and joke that he is taking dada down and he just giggles. Boys? I don't get it but he loves it.

He is obsessed with all things that move; cars, trains, trucks and will spend hours driving his cars around the house or even church. Such a boy!

I love his little teeth with the space in front. it adds to his personality. And how pudgy his little body still is even though he is thinning out. We love his silly (fake) giggle and how he is so active and loud.

We are lucky parents to have such a loving and easy going little guy. He has been through a lot but still keeps his smiley, giggly personality every waking moment and we love him so much!

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Becky said...

I miss you all, but I will admit....mostly this sweet, fun, happy boyo!