Friday, March 11, 2011

good times

ah! Lisa
This week was so busy and crazy that I did something really smart-that is my excuse. I finished at work early one day this week and ran over to pick up the baby early. Chris usually gets the baby because it is on the way home for him. So I get there we play and chat for a little and we make a run to the car because it was a sleeting mess outside I throw open the door and realize that I do not have the car seat! What. How did I overlook this. I call Chris who has been so busy at work and cannot come to rescue us right away. I debate my options. Can I drive home with him strapped in very carefully. Or bring him back in and leave him, go home and see him 2 hours later when Chris can leave. Ah! That is embarrassing. So we play in the car for a while, a long while until Chris comes to save us. I got many weird looks but we had a good time laughing and singing. ah! Lisa....that was a good one.

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