Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a little sunshine!

I think we brought colds and coughs to everyone in Arizona but man we needed the sunshine and family! We had a great winter trip to see the Packer family.

baby boyo did really well on the flights considering we arrived there at 1:00am our time. he slept a little and cried but just a little; not too bad!

Thursday we had a great session in the Mesa temple for some very special family members. It was a great experience.

check out the full moon and those palm trees. after the session I apparently got dressed really fast and not seeing anyone I went out front. there was a homeless lady asking for money. I tried to explain to her that this building and these grounds were a sacred place. She yelled at me that all she need was a few dollars (had I had any money I would have given her some-sorry) And then security escorted her off calling her by name. It was really very funny.

love ellie bellie's boots and hair! What a girl...we had a great time just hanging out, watching movies, playing games on the wii, talking, a few shopping trips and yummy food!

poor sweet baby paul is getting malled by fatman. but I love this picture....

With all the cousins to play with and new places to see the baby slept pretty well. It took a few days to adjust though.

these are only the pictures from my phone so more photos of the family to come.
But thanks Cami + family for a fabulous much needed break and your loving support. We miss you all so much.

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