Wednesday, March 9, 2011


-I am grateful for the peace in my life right now

-I am grateful for a supportive and loving family, even though they are far, far away!

-I am grateful for time to do something creative

-I am grateful for the hints of spring that we see and hear

-I am grateful that we have a clean, safe, warm and beautiful home that is truly a haven

-I am grateful to be a mother to the sweetest little pudge of a kid

-I am grateful that Chris has a good job and mostly grateful for mine!

-I am grateful for 7 years of marriage to a wonderful person who helps me to dream and pushes me to do more

-I am grateful for a supportive little branch that teaches us and stretches us to be more

-I am grateful for the people that have step into our lives in very unique ways but who are just so amazing

-I am grateful for the kisses, body hugs and smiles of a little baby!

-And I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of our little family and strengthens us to endure.

watching miss america on the tv! he liked it.

we found him awake covered by his blanket, no socks and working hard to get his bottle in his mouth. we hated to laugh but it was really funny!

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