Thursday, March 11, 2010

my boys...

Happy Birthday!

This week we celebrated two things. Chris' 32nd birthday!! and that baby capo is two months and has been with us a month already. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because of my sweet husband. Our relationship is real and easy and I am grateful everyday for him in my life.

Chris is the best husband and father

He loves uncondintionally
He has unshaken faith
He's athletic and loves sports
He's a fly fisherman
He loves carmel cheesecake and any kind of yummy cheese
He loves all things Italian

He is so handsome
He has a way of making others feel accepted and comfortable
He is talented
He is a nerd
He loves to be silly and goofy
He loves to travel
He is really good at speaking other languages
He loves music and all kinds
He has a beautiful singing voice
He makes me feel calm and confident
He is so kind, caring, thoughtful and generous
He is hard working
He is always helping around the house-laundry, dishes everything
He loves to camp, hike and explore
He is willing to try new things even the things I like; quilting and crafts
He's an avid reader and can finish a book in a day
He's a food snob especially pasta
He's a writer
He makes me a better person
He encourages others to be their best
He is my best friend
He's a home body
He motivates and supports me to be my best
He is not afraid to take risks
He is inspiring
He is willing to help anyone, anytime
He drops everything if I need him
He loves the Lord
He is my everything and I thank God daily that he is mine forever!

Happy Birthday Chriser. I love you.

The peanut and I meet Chris at his office with mexican food to celebrate. That night Chris had a b-ball game so we tagged along to cheer him on. The party continued really through the weekend with buffalo wings and a movie as well as yummy cheesecake!

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Becky said...

Your boys are lucky to have you! So are we!