Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh yes OHIO...

We went to see Jessie and the girls while Eric was away.
It was a much needed get away and we enjoyed every minute of the tickles, book reading, help with feedings, princess board games, kisses,"sometimes babies just do!" and overall loves from the cousins.
Maya was the best with him and just sat, pointed and laughed...babe!
We went shopping, out to eat, to this amazingly huge store with every kind of anything in it, we played at the park, went to church and even picked out a really cute little puppy for the girls....walked on the purple people bridge and finally Chris and I tried to find the things that we like in IKEA (that store is just huge!)
So fun!! We look forward to the next visit. It better be soon because these guys finish their graduate work in June. So sad!
Penelope was such a "helper" with him. She is so funny! It is princess everything and pretend play everyday.


Jodie said...

These pictures totally made me laugh. Such cute, cute girls!!

Eric and Jessi said...

Thanks again for driving all the way here and hanging out. I can't believe Eric comes back tomorrow already. Your visit REALLY helped it go by quickly AND much more happily. (I love Penelope's hand on chris's bald head ;)