Friday, March 11, 2011

the road

well, we are riding high on hope these days because things have turned around a little. which is great but also challenging not to get our HOPES up too high.
The judge stopped overnights with his bio mom. this is a huge miracle and blessing! we have a permanency hearing on Monday which means she has 6 more months. the county is filing the TPR (termination of parental rights) which again is a huge blessing but we were told that this might not go any where. everything takes so much time! The legal father surrendered his rights. Another huge blessing. And bio mom moved to another rehab center. Time will tell how she adjusts to all the changes there. Her goal for this month was to take care of her personal hygiene and room 90% of the time without being reminded. For us this really shows where bio mom is at and where she needs to be. The most frustrating thing for me is the affect even short visits have on the baby. She cannot get him to take a nap and most days cannot feed him. We write everything down for her and verbally explain it to her but it is still too much. We have also learned so much about bio mom's history and what really brought her to this place. It is really difficult but it does bring some clarity to why she treats us the way she does and some of the struggles that she has. It is really nice to feel anyway that the courts are on our side. It might not stay that way but we are grateful for this moment.
We have had to learn to let go of what we cannot control. At the moment we are simply trusting the Lord and trying to watch for his hand in our lives. But our faith has been renewed and we are feeling very hopeful. And we are grateful for the experiences that help us to grow.


melissa said...

We keep praying for you guys - if anyone would be wonderful parents for this little boy, you would be for ever and ever!!! xoxo

ESOdhiambo said...

! Great News! Let's celebrate!

SweetLadyBug said...

Hey Lisa, I'm glad overnights have ended and I hope today is going well. You know something that I learned in a training recently probably applies to bio mom. I learned that when people use drugs consistantly their emotional maturity stops and they are in essence frozen at the age in which they began using. I'm not sure how completley accurate that is, but its helped me deal with some of the parents I do if I realize that they are essentially the emotional maturity of a 16 or 20 year old as opposed to the 30 or 40 year old they are.

Kori said...

Lisa, this is great news!! You, Chris and baby K are always in our prayers!