Thursday, May 3, 2012

a new little face...

Last Friday we got a call from the county about a 15 month old girl coming from Buffalo. Her mom is young, grew up in the system and was living in a group home. In short was arrested and baby in care! So once again we prayed over the phone and picked her up at 4:00.
Poor thing! This seems to be the pattern for us but this time we had our church talent show that same night. And Chris was the MC all night and in several talents because well he is talented. I got wrangled into doing one with our new presidency for Primary. (little miss primary pageant-pretty funny really) Anyway, so she got home at 4:30 we headed out the door with the 2 fats at 5:30 and spent the night being entertained! It was wild.
We are surviving and adjusting I think! This week has been a little crazy but good. This time is very different with an older baby who came with a personality, attitude even and her own likes and dislikes. Baby K is doing much better and learning to share and be gentle but it is for sure an adjustment for all. And fun, fun! We are a crazy, wild bunch!


melissa said...

How exciting for you guys! She is beautiful. I love hearing about your family. Love you guys!

Meg said...

You guys are awesome!! Love hearing about your adventures : )