Thursday, May 3, 2012

a very fun visit!!

On Tuesday we had a great visit from some of our favorite people! And we got to meet there new baby with the best name-Woodson. They just stayed the night and had to drive back to work early the next morning but it was so great to see them. They are the kind of friends you can not see for months but when you visit or talk again it is like they live right next door. Plus baby K has always had an unusual connection with Adam. This was the only picture (they) actually took of the trip. Ah how did we miss all 3 baby's together but it is a cute one! You can see how excited Bobo is to see Adam again. They were so gracious to just join in the craziness that was our house that night and sleep in our messy extra room with all the "stuff" we still needed to sort from the new baby. Anyway we miss you guys already! Hopefully we will see you soon in Tennessee!

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