Thursday, February 12, 2009

v-day dance

this is our branch president and his was so fun!!

saturday is our big valentine's dance with three stakes, so tuesday night we (meaning chris + i, but mostly i) decided that we would paint a picture board for the youth to stand behind or in front of for pictures. we found a few funny pictures from the 1940's, which is the theme of the dance, but this one stood out because the youth are familiar with superman. i hope they like it anyway. it has been really fun to do because i have never done anything like this. i like painting and all things related but this is HUGE and has been time consuming along with everything else to get ready....I just hope that I can pull it off....Happy Valentines Day to us!

At least Chris will be dancing with me for V-Day!!

and yes this is our crazy empty and bare basement floor but it could not be more perfect for things like this.

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