Tuesday, February 10, 2009


tuesday, february 11--resolve, i resolve to take more pictures of the everyday things i love to do

one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world is to talk with my husband. we can go to bed early and suddenly it will be 1:00am simply by chatting. chris likes to think that this is mostly because i like to talk but he does his fair share. i love sharing our testimonies, stories of trial, faith and as much as i think i know about chris i am constantly surprised at the amazing person that he is. he listens to my crazy dreams and helps me calm down to even go to sleep. i wish that this time could stop and that we had more time to do it.

this tuesday i woke up early to do a quick run, then off to my class by Cornell-family development credentials. it has a wonderful curriculum but sometimes the class gets out of control with personal discussions and stories. this week we talked about communication skills specifically confronting "hot topics" with clients.

i was lucky to have time to swing by the house for lunch and then off to the office to finish paperwork and for two family visits.

then home for a quick dinner with chris. we had some dishes left so chris finished those and i made dinner. he grabbed the ipod and played some of our favorites. at one point we ended up dancing in the kitchen in the middle of dinner and dishes. it is one of my favorite memories that does not happen often enough either. we have been creative with meals lately but love the quick and easy ones. tuesday was a simple Caesar salad-yum! i headed to the church for a ym/yw committee meeting-always exciting!

i got home in time to say goodbye to chris as he slipped out the door to play football with a local team he formed with co-workers. literally we slipped pass each other. i did some house work and sent some emails about yw things and then off to bed when chris got home at 11:00pm.

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Amy Bartlett said...

OOHH! You guys are so cute! I love these looks at your everyday life. I don't get to see it much since we're so far away! Enjoy your Valentines weekend. Love you guys!