Friday, February 27, 2009


I love so many things in life but the one thing i love the most is my husband....

i am amazed daily at the love and kindness chris shows me. he has taught me so much. i am so lucky and blessed so in celebration of these lovely five years that we have spent together i have written the following..... we have had our fair share of arguments, disagreements and out right fights but i love him so much and look forward to the lifetime that we have ahead.

1. stability: i am in love with how calm and stable chris is ALL the time. i am -to say the least a little high strung and chris keeps me grounded and always tells me "it will be ok." And it always is ok in the end. He just keeps such a great eternal perspective and i know that i can tell him my fears and dreams and trials and in the end feel strengthened to endure or work it out! He is my rock.

2. dedication: chris is so determined to finish what he starts. he is committed to me, to his job and to his calling. he is willing to support me in ALL that the YW do, all that I need to do for work and in all the crazy ideas that i come up with. Chris is committed to love, support and care for me even when i am grouchy and mean. i also appreciate that chris is smart (nerdy) and has and will continue to spend hours planning for our future; savings, retirement, college & mission funds for unborn kids as well as paying off ALL debts even our mortgage. I love to dream about our future and what we have ahead of us. I know that he will always be with and is determined no matter what happens that we will be ok and make it through--together.

3. unconditional: i am myself with chris. goofy, silly, mean, crazy and sassy! I love my pjs and wear them way too often, i hate doing dishes (so he does them most of the time) i am constantly coming up with new projects or assignments or jobs that inevitably mean that he will too. so despite all of these things he loves me! and probably loves me because of these things.

4. so much fun! and lots of laughing: Chris lets me be me and has always loved for me for who I am not what I look like or what i have done. He goes to YW events and we laugh. We love grocery shopping and it is fun. We just have a good time no matter what or where we are! I once told him that i could not take him every where because some people just do not understand his wyoming humor. the truth is chris is chris; what you see is what you get. he is always that way and treats everyone the same. i admire that in him.

5. Faith-in me, in our Savior and in our life together. he is always reminding me that he is on my team and we will be ok no matter what we face. he is strong and solid. he has taught me so much!

Happy Anniversary!

this was our night!

a flat tire, freezing rain

but also a fabulous dinner out + movie! in the end it was the best way to spend an anniversary--together!


Amy Bartlett said...

You guys are awesome! Chris is very giving and calm. Good qualities! Love ya and happy anniversary.

Greg said...

I just want you both to know how lucky you each are. Glad you had a great anniversary...flat tire and all! CariƱos.