Tuesday, February 3, 2009


tuesday, january 27th i resolve to take more self portraits doing everyday things that i love + with people that i love
tuesday, february 3rd--resolve to take more self portraits doing the things i love...

this is harder than i thought it would be to take pictures of everyday things we are doing once a week. i think looking back i will really like it. it is also hard to get pictures of myself because i am usually the one to take them or we snap one of the two of us.

while shopping in utah with my mom we saw the cutest little fabric book but they were out of the panel so i searched online and ordered the panel. it is soo cute and easy to make. i have done pieces when i have five to ten minutes here and there.

i did not get very far but it is cut out! i love to sew and love to find different and unique fabric and patterns.

although sometimes i do get discouraged and frustrated by trying new things. I actually really enjoy the challenge. I love finding new patterns and thinking i can do that! And it does not always work out the way that I imagine but I would rather try and fail than never try at all. so one of my resolutions is to try new things and document it. (one of the problems is i want to try so many things)

this second project has been in the works for a few years...yes. years. i decided to hand quilt it and it takes an enormous amount of time but i am determined to finish it! it is fun and i think i have gotten the hang of it. i want to finish it this year!


Amy Bartlett said...

Wow Lis! The quilt is georgeous! Cute book fabric too! You are awesome and so creative and achieving. : ) Love the spt!

Becky said...

Lisa - I love all your fun creative "stuff". The book fabric is so fun and bright, it would make a cute quilt as well. Really love the quilt you are quilting. I am still quilting Mary's quilt, hope to be finished before her birthday! It was so great to see you and laugh, laugh, laugh. Love you, Becky