Tuesday, February 17, 2009


april 1990, 9 years old
huntsville, al

(i love how crazy my name is at the top-so cute)

i have always liked watercolors but find it hard to find time to paint. i feel a little out of practice but love the time i could spend doing it. i know it is not a picture of me painting but i wanted to remember how fulfilling it is to paint. some of the color is missing since it is just a scan.


Amy Bartlett said...

I didn't really know you painted! I like it! You are so talented!

Eric and Jessi said...

That's WAY good.
Do you still have that leave watercolor you did? I think it was in a summer art class or something when we were like 10.

Eric and Jessi said...

sorry, typo, I meant "leaf" not leave. ;)