Thursday, February 12, 2009

tender mercy

In June we had a family reunion where my mom brought some of my grandmother's things for the grand kids to divide. She passed away the summer before last. One of my top and first choices was a set of glass trays that she had used for bridal showers, baby showers, special occasions and such. There was a big box of trays and glasses. I was not sure what I would use them for but I remember them sitting in my grandma's china cabinet.
Chris and I flew into Denver from NY, rented a car and drove to Lander to see Packers and then back to Denver to fly home. It was a long trip so we had the boxes of items from the reunion shipped to Rochester.
It arrived a few weeks later but the box was dented in several corners and inside the trays were shattered in pieces! not a few cracks but in teeny-tiny pieces...I was devastated and cried for days! I would not throw the box away and we even moved it; pieces and all to our new house.
So a few weeks ago Chris and I stopped at the VOA (the NY DI) and as we looked around I stumbled upon the same exact trays and cups that my grandmother had! I could not believe it and they were sooo cheap. I bought all of them! I am still so happy and cannot believe that I found the same ones....

so here it is-- the exact same tray! can you believe that......

Now I just need to have a party of some sort to use them and celebrate!

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Amy Bartlett said...

That is so great! I am so glad you found them again!