Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tuesday, February 24, 2009
spt-resolve to record everyday experiences that i love!

we love our little temple. it has such a special spirit as it overlooks the sacred grove and remembers where the kingdom was restore in full. we have had amazing experiences, crazy youth trips and so many answers have come to us within the walls of this little building. i am grateful that we live so close, that we can go often, grateful that we can gain knowledge and understanding. and will be forever grateful that for two years we spent every friday with many others that became our family. it was what brought both of us through those difficult years; serving, learning, loving and soaking up the spirit. what an amazing experience.

we love you little temple and hope to have many more memorable experiences that we will treasure throughout eternity.
to ensure that we attend every month we decided we would simply choose a day that will be our temple day such as the 3rd saturday and then before we leave that day we just reschedule the next month. it makes the commitment to serving every month so much easier because it is already on the calendar. kinda like fhe-it is on mondays and we just do not schedule anything else that day.


Gabriella said...

I've been to that temple once and it was beautiful and in such an amazing setting. I think that is so neat you live there!

I love your idea of taking pictures of everyday things you do, what a great way to look back on your life.

Chris said...

thanks for posting a picture of my fat double chin.

lisa said...

chriser-what picture do we have of you without a double chin....heh..heh.

i love you.

Daisy said...

Love that post. Love the picture of you two and love that you share the joy and peace you feel in the temple. Thanks for the reminder.

Amy Bartlett said...

These are great pictures and you are a great couple! love you!