Tuesday, May 26, 2009

plants, parades + sunburns

we had a great memorial day weekend! the plan was to travel but there was just too much to do and too much going on. saturday we had RS/YW service day, gathering in the grove, a baptism and chris went to see terminator with his guy friends. that morning we went to flower days at the farmers market and then a green house. we got several of our favorite flowers and plants for the yard.

our branch president had us over to watch his small town parade. it was so cute and a great way to remember the veterans on memorial day. they have a beautiful piece of property and we enjoyed yummy food and great company. we forgot the camera and have not pictures of the weekend. the weather was so perfect!

after the picnic we spent the afternoon planting and then realized we both had a little sunburn. a bad one and a farmers tan at that.

the kitchen is still a mess but slowly it is getting it done~slowly. a few surprises have arisen like taking down the panel like board and finding old tile gule that no one cleaned up they just covered up. yeks!

a lilac

a peony

we have gotten so much rain lately! and the flowers are blooming....

a hydrangea

the backyard.

we have a few day lilies and planted a new one up front along with the star gazer lilies. they are chris' favorite.
a little fern

we have seen several rabbits in our yard!

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Becky said...

hummm,love what you got. Wish I could see your yard!