Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 months

Baby cakes is 5 months!

I am not sure where that last month went......(sorry another baby update but this blog is our journal and a way to keep track of what he is doing-just skip it if you could care less what the baby is doing this month!)

but he is now eating rice cereal and loving it

discovered how fun his toes are but cannot get them in his mouth despite many grunts and growls at them!
rolling over more
pushing up on his hands and knees....some times
loves baby massage, swimming, books and grabbing at them
definitely turns his head to mom and dad's voice
cries when they are not around and will not play on the floor on his own
gets more frustrated with the lack of motor skills
he yells a lot and loves to make different noises-da, ga, and just yells.....
but can sit on his own for small amounts of time
he loves music and will wakeup from a dead sleep and just listen quietly
does not have to have a helmet but has a big misshapen head so the plastic surgeon says
has also discovered other body parts and pulls on his ears, nose and everything on other's faces as well as earrings


and is finally on the growth chart @ 13 lbs 12 oz


and really truly can sleep any where!

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Anonymous said...

His head looks perfect to me!