Tuesday, June 29, 2010


maybe it is just me being too hard on myself because i do that but i have found with new challenges that i am not allowing myself time to relax or de-stress. which in the end is much worse because then i just melt down. i need to strike a better balance with all that we are juggling these days. i know this is constant but for some reason i am just never exactly satisfied no matter where it swings...even when yw is busy i cannot let go of the things left undone. work is so busy and i am constantly adding on new things. i cannot let myself just leave the toys on the floor or the laundry pile for a few days (we are now doing laundry everyday!) when i let go of those things and just enjoy time with the baby i then feel guilty because 4 hours will go by without a single "thing" being done. there is never enough time for chris and me--like baths or actually blowing out my hair any more.....ah!! what a game to balance life.

and for this stage in our lives i just need to prioritize my time and my "to do list." when i am at work i work hard and leave it there. when i am at home we laugh and play and enjoy time together. and when we have a break with yw---enjoy that time off! we have a great life together and we enjoy every second we have with capo.

and i am learning to let go so that i can stop and smell the lilies every once in a while. i love the scripture "Be still and know that i am God." i forget sometimes how important this time is and that these are some of the sweetest moments.



today we got some much needed rain after a heat wave of 100+...i am not used to that!


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