Monday, June 21, 2010


during our evening walk baby feel asleep in the moby-so cute!
last week i get up early for our visit with birth mom i was ready for a run while the baby stayed for a visit and i was so excited to find time to go. after we got there they said she was not coming....that has happened a few times. ah! anyway we headed home and i was determined to at least get a walk in so i strapped baby on with the moby and we took off. i love our neighborhood and we were enjoying the day. then i starts to rain! no umbrella, nothing!! and we were about 30 minutes away from home. and it was not just a rain but a down pour. poor baby. the best thing was he did not care at all-he was asleep the whole time!
we had people stopping offering umbrellas, rides and telling me how crazy i was to be out with him! bad parent.


we also have been hunging out in the hammock more. the evening weather is so nice and cool. summer time!

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The Kenyons said...

Where did you get your Moby? I really want one of these for my next baby! Did you get it online?