Monday, June 21, 2010

summer time

i had a rough day on saturday and poor chris took the worst of it. isn't that always the case that the one you love the most you are the hardest on. i woke up early after a long night to help clean out our closet at the stake and once I got there I realized that the leader in charge had not contacted all the people who shared the closet so instead reorganizing the two of us spent all day going through everyone elses' stuff (junk! really) I was so tired and exhausted by the time I got home 5 hours later!! seriously! when we called one of the leaders he replied that he could not come over because he was doing saturday stuff. really! I want to do saturday stuff as well. ah! I was mad.
anyway-i had not eaten anything but we got ready and went over to our friends house for a party. it was great but something did not sit well...(it could have been the snacks and chips on an empty stomach) but i spent the night throwing it all back up! yek....and then sunday recovering.

we did enjoy swimming again and of course a really good meal. it was fun and really great company. it was a super hot day so the pool just felt amazing! and the baby found a place to lounge while he got pushed around the pool. so cute.


Anonymous said...

Ah! I saw the fruits of your labor when I was at Church later that day. I am so sorry it was not as productive as it should have been, and that it took 5 hours. I hope you will at least be happy to have it done next time you go in the closet.

Becky said...

I love booboo in his "raft". No way he could be cuter!