Thursday, June 10, 2010

memorial day

this has become a favorite join the molinari's for their small town parade and cemetery service. they always make wonderful food and we just hang out and talk.

this year we missed most of the parade because the police officer had already stopped traffic and even with a baby plea to let us through he refused! so we walked! It was really, really a hot day though.

I appreciated the remarks given in remembrance of those who have died and gratitude for those who serve. It was a heartfelt reminder.

we first met gary five years ago when we moved into the brighton ward. he was in the bishopric and was always very considerate and personal with us. he reached out in very specific and personal ways. i remember welcoming their oldest into YW and now we celebrating her HS graduation. crazy!
they have been so good to chris and i and we appreciate their entire family!! once again we had a great relaxing day off!

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