Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sorry these are not great pictures but I wanted to remember this sweet note before we lost it somewhere.

Chris' grandparents Foote live in southern Utah and have never met baby capo but they have always been so sweet and supportive of whatever chris and i do. they still have the homestead ranch that grandpa warren grew up on. we have (even I) so many memories of the house and area. they have served missions, are temple workers in st. george and still work on the ranch! what great people and examples they are to us.

anyway grandma blanche made and sent this sweet, sweet baby blanket just for capo.

they sent it with this sweet note: (it makes me cry every time)

just a section of it-"We are sending a baby quilt for baby. It is one that Grandma has made for her special great grandchild and wants baby to have it. She says it isn't a fancy one but one to be used; it has a lot of love and wear in it. We sure love all of you and hope and pray for the best."

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Blue Skies said...

This made me cry too -- Grandma puts a lot of love into everything that she makes. And everything she makes is meant to be used! We missed you so much at the ranch this year, but look forward to seeing you soon. Please give Capo and hug and kiss for me and Jameson.