Wednesday, June 2, 2010


we have the best foster care friends. every two months or so we get together and just have the best time. they are a huge support to us and really help by listening and offering advice especially when the system gets complicated and messy!

this weekend we had a fabulous bbq and capo got to swim in their pool for the first time.
have you ever seen a more excited and thrilled face. he loved it! it took him a while to get used to
the water but after the shock he kicked his little legs and could not stop smiling!

i love his little swim diaper. how funny is that!

chris loved swimming with the baby as well.

the little boy in the picture is 4 years old and baby bear just loves him. they giggled and played with each other all day. he wanted to hold baby and sing to him and even swim with him. it was cute!


they even took some really great pictures.

After an hour in the pool he was really tired

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Amber said...

What a doll! It is so fun to experience new "firsts" with a baby. They add so much joy to somewhat normal activities.