Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hanging out

In a week with Packer's we did a lot of hanging out , laughing and eating yummy, yummy food which was great for all of us.

love this picture!


of course Capo was the real attraction but we enjoyed some really good food whether it was take out or Wegman's chocolate cake which is reason enough to travel to upstate or food we made at home. We ate really well!


we watched some fun movies, did some shopping and book reading and even some yard work! It was a great trip and we loved having Roy and Becky come to visit. We love and miss family.


we laughed so much!! one night we were talking about old friends and got on facebook to make fun of other people's children. i know...not so nice but there are a few not so cute babies. then it progressed to the website of funny family pictures or maybe it is awkward family photos. anyway....we made a few of our own throughout the trip! too funny. the one above is the most normal looking of them all! we are dorks i know.

thanks again for traveling. in the last month we have seen family more than probably the previous year. it has been great and made us think that living closer to family would be just so fun. except that we are just so settled here and have jobs and callings and a house. ah! anyway we miss you all already and hope to travel again soon!

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Blue Skies said...

So fun to see so many fun photos of your little guy!